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What is Ironstone Barbell?

Ironstone Barbell is an athletic performance center in the Saucon Valley area which features equipment from Westside Barbell, Arsenal Strength, Rogue, and USA Strength and Performance that you wouldn't normally find in regular corporate gyms. Our equipment is high quality, functional, and meant for heavy lifting, but that doesn't mean you can't come here if you are a beginner in fact it is encouraged. Ironstone Barbell welcomes members of all skill levels, and is a comfortable environment with friendly members who only want to see each other succeed.  We have personal trainers with years of experience who can push you to new heights, or teach you the basics.

24/7 Key Access

Everyone has a different schedule, and Ironstone Barbell understands that, so we have 24/7 access for members so they can do their exercises in our Hellertown, PA location whenever they can fit it into their day or night. 


Do I Have to be a Powerlifter to join this Gym?

Absolutely not, we have a wide variety of members at all different ages.

Do you have cardio equipment?

We do! we have a Rogue Air Assault bike, a treadmill, and several different options for functional training cardio.

Do you have day passes?

We have day passes available for $10.

Do you have contracts?

We have both contract and non contract options to fit whatever financial accommodations you may need. 

How does 24/7 access work?

You receive a key tag that you can use to swipe into and gain access to the gym whenever you feel like coming in. There are cameras in the facility monitoring everything.

Do you have dumbbells?

We have a full set of fat bells and some dumbbells. Fat bells were developed by the legend Donnie Thompson which evenly distributes the weight around the hand making them easier to handle, safer to use than dumbbells. and offer a much more functional approach to training. 

Do you have a cable machine?

We have a full cable crossover with a lat pull down and seated row, as well many different types of high quality cable machine attachments.

Do you have a gym record board?

We have a gym record board which features the highest lifts of our members in each different weight class for both men and women.

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Better yet, see us today and we'll show you around!

Ironstone Barbell

910A Main St, Hellertown, Pennsylvania 18055, United States

Underneath the Main Street Gym (484) 484-3899


Our members will have 24/7 access to Ironstone Barbell. Guests will be able to purchase a $10 day pass between the hours listed above.