Westside Barbell

Ironstone barbell features weight lifting equipment from one of the best powerlifting gyms in America, Westside Barbell. Westside Barbell equipment is some of the best when it comes to developing some of the most important muscles for powerlifting  and personal health such as the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and overall posterior chain. Our equipment includes the Bent Pendulum Reverse Hyper, Athletic Training Platform, Inverse Curl, Anterior Chain Developer, Standing Leg Curl, and PLYOSWING. 

Arsenal Strength

Arsenal Strength training equipment is functional, ergonomic, and is designed to optimize your time in the gym by not wasting it on less effective exercises and machines. Here at Ironstone Barbell, our powerlifting gym features Arsenal Strength's Vertical Leg Press for leg development,  Bent Over Row Bench for upper back development, and the Standing Lateral Raise which allows for great front, side, and rear deltoid development. 


Rogue is a leader in strength conditioning equipment, and Ironstone Barbell's powerlifting gym is proud to be home to great rogue equipment. We have two full Rogue Monster 2.0 racks, with monolift attachments allowing you to do the compound work you need to without compromise.

USA Strength and Performance

USA Strength and Performance is an american based company featuring state of the art strength training equipment. Ironstone Barbell is happy to be home to two USA Competition Bench's and a Monolift allowing you to practice your bench and squat safely, and without compromise. We also feature the Defender Glute & Hamstring Developer, a great accessory for your deadlift. 


Every gym goer has different needs, and  Ironstone Barbell accommodates that by housing many various types of barbells to help you achieve your personal goals. Our gym is home to Texas Power Bars, Deadlift Bars, Bench Bars  and Squat Bars, Safety Squat Bars, Cambered Bars, a Duffalo Bar, and more

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