Personal Training and Programming

Personal Trainers in Hellertown, PA

Personal Training in Hellertown, PA

Ironstone Barbell in Hellertown, PA offers high quality personal training and programming that is tailored to your goals, whether they are strength related, aesthetic related, or simply health related.  Maggie and Samantha work with you to create a program appropriate for you regardless of if you haven't lifted before in your life, or are an advanced lifter.  The program and training will help you reach your goals, and will be tailored to you so that it is enjoyable, and gets you results. We will also show you how to effectively perform exercises to minimize risk of injury. 

Maggie Faulkner

 Maggie Faulkner is a nationally ranked bodybuilder and Pennsylvania State figure champion. Coming from an athletic background, it has been her goal to continuously improve strength, endurance and overall health. Working in the fitness industry for the past eight years has given her the knowledge of what methods work and the most efficient ways to train and reach your specific goals.  

Samantha Simcox

 Samantha Simcox is a multiple sport Hall of Fame athlete in both high school and college. Now a powerlifter, it is her goal to always grow  and share her knowledge about sports training and strength training with others. She is a teacher and enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gained over the years with people and helping them live a healthy lifestyle. 


Whether you want big legs, a big upper body, to slim down, higher endurance, or better athletic performance, Maggie and Samantha will create custom made program specifically for you after evaluating your individual strengths and weaknesses. This program will allow you to train in the most effective manner utilizing the years of experience Maggie and Samantha have accumulated. It can be daunting as a new or inexperienced lifter trying to make a lifestyle as you may not know what program to do that will also lead to effective results. For advanced lifters as well, we know how hard it can be to push yourself past a plateau to new heights, but our programs will help you get there.

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